Staying productive with Chrome extensions

We all try to be more productive and like tools that help us to save time. When Evernote, Wunderlist, Pocket and Lastpass announced their productivity bundle for the price of 59.99$ a year, I was wondering if I should buy it. After making up my mind, I decided that I'm pretty happy with my current setup and that I won't need the package. Part of my productivity setup are several browser extensions, which I want to share today. I will further point out their individual benefits and what I use them for.

This is what my Chrome Toolbar looks like at the moment (not all of these extensions are productivity tools): 


1 Ghostery

Ghostery let's you block all the web trackers out there. You can easily customize what exactly should be blocked. It's interesting to see all the different trackers websites use - sometimes more than 10 different tools.


2 Instapaper

We all know the problem having too many good articles to read but too little time. Instapaper helps you to save articles from the web to read them at some later point in time. I must say that I'm really happy with Instapaper and use it at least once a day. It's fast, easy to use and you can apply folder structures if you like so. Plus, if you have a Kindle you can have your articles pushed to your Kindle (e.g. once a day/week/...). Often I'm reading Blogs and articles when I'm on the train or subway for example. To me this is clearly one of the biggest benefits since I prefer reading longer articles on my Kindle anyway.


3 Evernote

Evernote has become my personal knowledge base for all the topics interesting to me. Further, I really like its Web Clipper function. I use it for saving really important studies or articles which I already have read so it has not the same purpose as Instapaper. You can also choose between saving the full article, make a screenshot or bookmark it and add tags to enhance accessibility. Moreover, I also save my notes from my Kindle on Evernote.


4 Zenmate

While Zenmate falls not into the category productivity tools, I like to mention it since I use it for encrypting my browser traffic (not always).


5 Dashlane

Dashlane is a super easy password management tool that also fills out all forms with your details (e.g. name/address/...). It can create strong passwords and you can change them with only a single click. Furthermore, it also works well on mobile.


6 Point

I discovered Point on Product Hunt. Point let's you share articles with people and directly discuss about the content. You don't have to copy links and then paste it in Facebook Messenger/E-Mail/Slack/etc. It doesn't sound like there is a strong use for it at a first glance but it has become my favorite tool for sharing articles with friends on a daily basis.


7 Startup Tracker

Don't know a particular Startup? Just type the name and this tool will provide you with the data pulled from Crunchbase, Facebook, etc. about the company you were looking for, e.g. founding year, capital raised and much more. In addition, you can tag the companies (e.g. watch list/trending/...) and save it in Evernote.


8 Product Hunt

This extension from the famous product discovery site Product Hunt let's you see their latest hunts. I'm not pretty sure if it really increases productivity. Sometimes it can be quite time-consuming, but in a positive way.


Am I missing any great extensions? Please let me know.