European Startup Breakout List 2016

Since I will finish my masters in the next couple of months, I'm starting to look for job opportunities at the moment. I spend a lot of time discussing interesting startups and jobs together with my friend Philipp

While doing this, we were surprised that there is no European equivalent for the Startup Breakout List. So we created our own version for Europe.

That wasn't easy at all since the European ecosystem is rather fragmented compared to the US and I'm sure our focus is too strong on Germany and the UK. Factors that were included in our evaluation were strong growth, exceptional team, great product and well-known investors among others. We're more than sure that we forgot some startups to name in that list (sorry!). So please provide us with Feedback and we'll add them as soon as possible of course.

To say it with the words of Marc Andreessen: "Go to the company where all the action is happening".